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Are you a football coach, player or generally interested in football? Do you want to get well prepared for the match and be one step ahead of your opponents? By knowing how the other team plays you can exploit their weaknesses to your advantage. During this interactive course, you will receive hands-on and very valuable tips on how to scout soccer teams.

Maybe you've had in your mind questions like "When I'm looking for an opponent team, what should I look for to help my team?", "Which kind of information should I take into consideration?", "How can we explodre their weaknesses and be aware of their potentialities?".

We though you had those kind of questions, and that's why we prepared this course just for you, to answer to all of your questions and doubts!

Some of the coaches I've played against, in the end of the match told me: "When we played against your team, we couldn't play our game! It looked like your players knew everything of what we were supposed to do and they started to be frustrated and that came into our game...", says Tomas Pereira, lectuer of the course.

This is an interactive course where you have the opportunity to be very involved, ask questions and discuss with Tomas. You will get lots of tips you will benefit from as you prepare your team for upcoming matches.


  • Why the position in the table and the last results of the opponent are essential in a Scouting Report
  • How can I structure what the opponent do when they have the ball
  • How can I structure what the opponent do when they don't have the ball
  • Is a Scouting Report enough?

What you will learn

  • How to Structure a Opponent Scouting Report
  • What to look at when we are Scouting an Opponent
  • How to compact all the information to deliver to the Headcoach

Who should attend

  • Football coaches
  • Scouts
  • Players
  • Anyone interested in scouting teams

Date & Time

Spring/Summer 2020. Do you want to attend this webinar? Click in the link below to sign up for our waiting list


PRESENTER: Tomás Pereira, scout at the Portuguese Football Federation

Tomás has been working as a professional scout for more than 10 years. He have been scouting for a top club Sporting Clube de Portugal, the former club of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Luis Figo, Paulo Futre, Rui Patrício, João Moutinho, William Carvalho and many more. He is often hired as a speaker where he share his knowledge about Scouting. Tomás is currently working for the Portuguese Football Federation as a Technical and Methodological Coordinator.  Author of 2 books, one best seller in Portugal and one used in Norway as a support book for the UEFA C license.